alternate simplicity

In 1990, a band that lasted only one year (we’ll call Environmental Campfire), came together while students at Purdue University.  The band consisted of Hans, Jimmy, Dave (all from LINT) and a new bass player, Tim Kehret. With full knowledge that this was a limited engagement, they put together an impressive alt-rock catalog of covers and played whenever they could.  Once Jim and Dave departed in May of 1992, Tim and Hans looked to form a new band.  They recruited Horse Latitudes bass player Joe Arvay and put Tim on second guitar and keyboard.  Then added Kevin Peck on drums and rounded out the sound with Rick Hamman on trumpet and Joe Hall on saxophone.


The 6 piece stuck to the Environmental Campfire formula of Alt-rock covers and had their first gig within 3 weeks of forming.  The covers were a stronghold in most sets but quickly Hans started writing original material.  Alternate Simplicity had 13 songs and were ready to start recording when Joe just walked out of practice one day never to return.  Wanting to finish the album, they got old friend, jazz bassist, Bob Hamilton.  Bob added some new flavor to the bass parts and the album, AS IS, was completed and released in April 1994.  Due to schedule conflicts shortly thereafter, Bob left the band and was replaced by Scott SchroderAlternate Simplicity played a handful of shows over the next year until a “summer off” became a permanent vacation.  We lost Tim to a surprise heart failure around 10 years ago.

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