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about us

With roots in classical, contemporary, and alternative rock music, Frank Muffin and their versatile alt‑rock sound has been building a buzz in the Midwest since they formed in 2011.  Though initially intended as a onetime acoustic trio, their harmonies stirred up fans who requested more and the Muffins obliged. A few performances later, Frank Muffin introduced a drummer into their batch to expand to outdoor venues and larger events.

Often praised for their diverse catalog, Frank Muffin considers themselves the “we’ll try anything” band from Lafayette.  The fusion of musical interests among the members creates a unique collection of songs and styles for all to enjoy.

Frank Muffin takes every opportunity to freshen their set and add new sounds to the mix.  The talents of the vocalists and their instrumental flexibility enables Frank Muffin to continuously expand their resonance and performance.

Frank Muffin at Music Matters Festival 2017

The key to Frank Muffin is their versatility.  Whether performing a high-energy, four hour “bar gig” featuring their original music as well as some crowd-favorite covers, playing a low-key 40-minute acoustic show, or rocking the full stage in a theater, Frank Muffin fills the space and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, eager for more.  Unlike some bands whose catalogue sounds the same from start to finish, each of the Muffin originals have their own space, style, and energy that carries the audience on a journey through the funky riffs in The Tide, the darkness of Safer at Home, the punk vibe of Diabolic, and the feel-good, toe-tapping, audience favorite: Buffalo. 


In Ricker Rocker’s music review of Frank Muffin, he states, “With nine different instruments played amongst the four members… they impressed me immediately with technical prowess and exceptional harmony, as well as stage presence… They cover so vast a range in genre that I was like a kid in a record store. They had a pleasing little something for everyone.  Their repertoire landed somewhere among punk, alt‑rock, new wave, and of course classic covers.  And I loved every minute of it.” 


Hans Rees, the artist behind the Muffin originals, has been writing and recording music as a solo artist and in multiple bands for more than thirty years.  With the upcoming release of their full-length debut Muffin album, Hans is able to share and promote his music in the age of streaming and digital distribution.  Frank Muffin seeks to expand their audience and reputation outside the Midwest and into the global market.

our members

Hans Rees

guitar / banjo / mandolin
electric bass / vocals

Jerome Hemersbach

electric guitar / keytar
ukulele / vocals

Brittany Rees

upright bass / flute
electric bass / vocals

Emily Larimer

drums / percussion

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