horse latitudes

Horse Latitudes, named after a Jim Morrison poem, formed in much the same way as LINTLINT had all but broken up in 1987.  By 1988, Hans had the need to play again. With two close friends willing to give it a try, Josh Bettis and Joe Arvay, Horse Latitudes was born. Hans planned to stay on drums, Joe’s step brother had a bass he could borrow, and Josh bought a guitar once that still sat in his closet.  As it would turn out, Hans was picking up the guitar a little quicker than Josh and had sang a little before… thus the switch was made.  Joe stuck to bass.  Josh took drum lessons and in very short order became a natural.


Unlike LINT, Horse Latitudes focused more strongly on original music.  Their first shows were 90/10 in favor of originals.  Eventually more covers were worked in as more gigs called for it.  Horse Latitudes put together a few cassettes of original songs and one CD during their run.  Joe and Hans also formed a band at Purdue called Alternate Simplicity which they played in together while Josh was in school in Arkansas (1991-1993).  Horse Latitudes kept playing together whenever possible until Joe finally got burnt out and left all music.  Horse Latitudes called it quits as a band in 1993.


Hans continues to use the Horse Latitudes name for solo original work on and off throughout the years and shows no sign of putting that animal completely to bed.


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