NOISEtrends is an artist-centric, job-sharing, cost-sharing, cross-promoting cooperative of Greater Lafayette, Indiana-area musicians.


Functioning as part support group, part music label, NOISEtrends seeks to provide a platform to compare notes, coordinate schedules, and amplify the efforts of its members.


The NOISEtrends artist roster includes Frank Muffin, June IND, and Justice Fuller.


June IND is an independent rock band from Lafayette, Indiana consisting of power duo Chris and Emily. Buy or stream original music and watch music videos.





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Black and White Star in Circle

Writing songs and righting wrongs in Lafayette, Indiana.






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Black and White Star in Circle
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Sheet Music and Guitar

Best known for their vocal harmonies, Frank Muffin’s sound lands somewhere among alt-rock, new wave, Americana, punk, and alternative pop that gives a pleasing little something for everyone.






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Black and White Star in Circle

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