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Since 2006, No Apparent Reason has rocked the Lafayette Music scene with great covers and original music. One of the most entertaining bands around Lafayette, No Apparent Reason plays high-energy shows with many different musical styles to keep people smiling and having a great time.


A large portion of the covers are 80's and 90's alternative rock including one hit wonders and guilty pleasures you can't help but to enjoy and sing along. Layered with two guitars, a bass, and drums, No Apparent Reason also delivers great original music with memorable hooks that keep you hoping for more.


To date, they have released one CD of original music and have recorded a second album (still in production).  Keep an eye out for it's release and more shows to come!


Update: No Apparent Reason is currently not an active performing band due to difficult work schedules.  Their farewell show was at the Knickerbocker Saloon on March 15, 2014.

Hans Rees

guitar / vocals

Dustin Anthrop

bass / drums / vocals

Jerome Hemersbach

guitar / vocals

Joe Grimes

drums / bass

NOISEtrends exists to advocate for LIVE music in the Lafayette, IN area.  We enjoy a wide variety of musical styles, and aim to increase the awareness of music events in Lafayette, including those of member band Frank Muffin.  NOISEtrends was developed by Hans Rees to share his passion for music and to promote his own musical endeavors.

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