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It's Bandcamp Friday! Grab or gift music from June IND, support TAF's After School Arts Program.

On the first Friday of every month from March 2020 through December 2021, Bandcamp waived revenue share to support artists. June IND passed the value on to Greater Lafayette area organizations addressing issues related to arts access, diversity, education, the environment, equality, homelessness, human rights, hunger and social justice. Bandcamp Fridays may be over, but June IND will continue these efforts through July 2022.

For Jan. 7, 2022, June IND's Bandcamp Friday sales will support the Tippecanoe Arts Federation's After School Arts Program (ASAP) for National Hobby Month. Grab or gift June IND's music today to make a meaningful difference in the lives of youth in our community, reinforce academics, improve self-esteem and inspire creativity.

Each song and EP are set to 'Name Your Price,' so you determine your impact.

Join the effort on the June IND Bandcamp page.


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