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LIVE from (Central) New York

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Just a couple months after returning from a small east coast mini-tour to Maryland and Virginia, Frank Muffin is hitting the road again. Music fan and Muffin friend Mike Kohli of 315 Music and Copper City Brewing Company, was instrumental (LMAO, see what I did there?) in securing gigs for Frank Muffin in Rome, Westmoreland, and Syracuse, NY.

Over the course of three days, Frank Muffin will share shows with other local musicians including the soulful songwriter J. Schnitt and the Late Earth duo (both friends of the Rockin' the Suburbs Podcast Friday Night Hootenanny).

Though this second leg of the Muffin tour won't feature the larger draw of the Suburbs Fest attendees, this is still an incredible opportunity for Frank Muffin share their music and performances with a new audience of music lovers. Read more about what brought us all together with Kohli's recap of the Suburbs Fest weekend from early October here.

If you're local, here's the performance agenda:

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