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Terrible twos: Nov. 12 is cake day for June IND's First Annual Meeting of Optimists, Vol. 1

Lafayette, IN rock band June IND's First Annual Meeting of Optimists project is still halfway complete and on-hold due to the ongoing pandemic, but today there's a reason to celebrate: 36 score and eleven days ago (Nov. 12, 2019 if you don't want to do the math), June IND released the angry, wholesome sounds of First Annual Meeting of Optimists Vol. 1. AND IT STILL JAMS.

A departure from their norm and influenced by previous efforts to rearrange earlier material for unplugged shows, the First Annual Meeting of Optimists material was written in a singer-songwriter format: one voice and an acoustic guitar. From there, bandmates Chris and Emily self-produced the songs at their home studios in Lafayette, IN; adding walls of guitars and drums, bass that won't sit still and layers of background vocals, vocal harmonies and various instrumental leads and counter lines.

The duo enlisted the help of Dan Precision (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, The Mound Builders) at The Bombshelter to engineer and mix the effort in Chicago, IL. Artists Brandon Ahnert and Stacy Bogan were recruited to visualize the songs, creating original paintings to be used in album artwork and music videos.

Celebrate Vol. 1's terrible twos: pop in some earbuds, put on some headphones or turn that volume knob clockwise.



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