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There Are No Words: June IND releases album of instrumental mixes

Album artwork for June IND's album There Are No Words features Heart Horse by mixed media artist Brandon Ahnert.

Lafayette, Indiana rock band June IND recently released There Are No Words, a thirteen-track compilation album of instrumental mixes. The music is available on Bandcamp and all music streaming platforms.

"Music-wise, it will be familiar to our folks," says June IND percussionist Emily Larimer. "It's a great showcase of the work we've put in crafting music for our songs; layering instruments and melodies. The songs sound cool with vocals, but they hold their own without them too. We hope this effort gives listeners a new perspective."

The visual component of There Are No Words should also be familiar, collaboration-wise.

June IND partnered with mixed media artist Brandon Ahnert to develop album art and new merch. A photograph of Ahnert's Heart Horse appears on the cover of There Are No Words. New merch including a 2D Heart Horse logo will be available soon on the NOISEtrends store.

"Whether he's the visual to our music or we're the soundtrack to his art, it's always great to work with Brandon," says guitarist Chris June. "He gets us and we're big fans of his work."

Ready to rock? Get There Are No Words here:


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