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NOISEtrends to amplify CoyoteBear as featured artist

Members of Frank Muffin and June IND along with solo artist Justice Fuller relaunched NOISEtrends in October 2021 as a platform for Greater Lafayette, Indiana musicians to collaborate, pool resources and coordinate schedules to lighten their collective loads (and costs).

Today, the trends friends circle is expanding to include Indie Rock, Folk and Pop group CoyoteBear.

For the unfamiliar, CoyoteBear is led by Lafayette, Indiana songwriter Cody Hall. And if the name sounds familiar, he's also the guy responsible for local powerhouse band Traveling Broke and Out of Gas.

CoyoteBear began to co-orbit the local scene with Traveling Broke in 2015 with the newer effort prevailing as Cody's primary artistic outlet. 2021's Bitter Taste and Hard to Live EPs showcase CoyoteBear's rumination-to-roar style and new music releases are on the horizon.

Join NOISEtrends in welcoming CoyoteBear by following their music and social accounts and subscribe to the NOISEtrends list for updates.

CoyoteBear Music:

CoyoteBear Social:

About CoyoteBear

CoyoteBear is a Lafayette, Indiana-based group led by songwriter Cody Hall. Continuously blurring the lines between Indie Rock, Folk and Pop, the band's music features beautifully crafted arrangements from some of the area's best musicians. For more information, visit the CoyoteBear Facebook page.

About NOISEtrends

NOISEtrends is an artist-centric job-sharing, cost-sharing, cross-promoting cooperative of Greater Lafayette, Indiana-area musicians. Functioning as part support group, part music label, NOISEtrends seeks to provide a platform to compare notes, coordinate schedules and amplify the efforts of its members. The NOISEtrends artist roster includes Frank Muffin, June IND and Justice Fuller. For more information, visit or email

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