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Via Mandolin: Watch Frank Muffin's The Last Waltz Online!

Frank Muffin's 2020 performance was postponed due to Covid. And they're excited to be back! But a lot has changed in the past two years, and not everyone CAN or is COMFORTABLE being in a crowd for a live performance. Not only that, they've done some touring this year and made friends and fans outside of Indiana who have been gracious supporters of Frank Muffin. That being said, it was important this year to find a way for Frank Muffin's The Last Waltz tribute/benefit to be available virtually for anyone who wants to support this event but can't attend.

Mandolin is an organization that has raised the bar for online concert performances worldwide:

"When COVID-19 first struck, the live music industry was turned upside down overnight. Venues, artists, and live music fans were all uprooted. Resilient artists found new ways to play and engage with fans on platforms like Instagram Live, but that technology was not built to serve the specialized needs of the music industry.

As live music fans ourselves, we quickly saw the opportunity to revolutionize live-streaming for the music industry. In a matter of weeks, we had built a product and were already producing our first shows and bringing live music back to the stage."

With their network and the team of support from Rec Room Recording, Frank Muffin has the tools, interface, tickets, and streaming capacity ready to go live online for this event.

Reserve your virtual seat in the comfort of your own home now, just $10 to stream live:

Live event details:

Frank Muffin’s The Last Waltz will feature many talented guest musicians to give this tribute the care and attention it so deserves. This year’s concert will be at Carnahan Hall on Saturday, November 27. As an add-on special, attendees can also hang out with Frank Muffin and some of our guest musicians to watch the original The Last Waltz movie on Sunday, November 28 also at Carnahan Hall.

In-Person Event Tickets for Frank Muffin’s The Last Waltz are now available online at and are also available at McGuire Music and JL Records.

Advance: $15

Day of Show: $20

Streaming ONLY: $10

Sunday Movie: $5

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